Bespoke Baby Wear

 We Have hundreds of fonts in our collection ranging from your standard every day fonts to some of the most weird and Wonderful fonts available , fonts with embellishments ranging from 4.5 mm, all the way up to 190 mm. Fonts large enough for the back of Hoodies and Jackets all the way down to small fonts for the lettering on Baby Grows.

We have over 250,000 digital patterns in stock

            DIGITAL   PATTERS

If you have a garment that you would like to have a embroidery pattern putting on, or you have a Photograph, Drawing   or just your own design that you require a pattern digitising to suit your own embroidery machine then please call us we may be able to help you

Please Call for a Quotation on Embroidery

Baby Grows, Face Cloths and Bibs.

I’m Not Crying I’m Just Ordering Dinner Embroidered onto a Pale Blue Bib.

Disney’s Piglet Embroidered onto a Yellow Bib (we have inn stock bibs in yellow, white and blue.

Mummy’s Little Princess Embroidered onto a white Bib (we have in stock bibs in yellow, white and blue.


It’s Not Easy Being This Cute

Cute and Gorgeous just Like Mummy

E for Elephant Text & Graphic

Daddy’s Sleeping Beauty with Graphic

We have available a Pattern Digitising Service, if you have a drawing, picture or photograph  that you would like converting into an Embroidery Pattern for your machine then it is quite possible we can do it for you. The cost varies depending on what it is that you would like converted, it goes with out saying that the more complicated the picture is, the higher the cost can be. Basically though for a small 25 mm X 25 mm frame graphic the cost is as little as £10-00, the cost also will depend on the density of the thread layout and the intricacy of the pattern.

 If you require a quotation for the conversion of a drawing, picture or photograph to an Embroidery Pattern then please drop us an e-mail or give us a telephone call and we may well be able to give you a quote for the pattern, alternatively please send us an e-mail with the item as an attachment for us to look at then we will send you a quotation an time scale in a reply.

Welcome to Bespoke Baby Wear We Offer Personalised Baby Wear to Suit Your Babies needs

Don’t Ask Daddy Dressed Me






Embroidered Bibs

Pattern costs without Garment

We Have Over 250,000 Digital Patterns in Stock For You to Choose From

Whether it is a Cartoon Character, a Movie or Film Cartoon Character

Embroidered Baby Grows

 We have a vast range of Cartoon Characters ben 10, Snow White, the Seven Dwarfs, Dargonballz, Mickey Mouse, Daisy Mouse, Disney Babies, Bugs Bunny Pokemon, Pooh Bear, Pooh Babies, Aladdin, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Barney, Bratz,  Scooby-Doo, Digimon, Beauty and the Beast, Care bears, Donald Duck, Dragon Tales, Dr Seuss, Dora the Explorer, Dragon Tales, Dumbo the Elephant , Felix the Cat, Garfield, Little Princess, Hello Kitty, Cats and Dogs, Spiderman, In the Night Garden, The Simpson's, Ziggy, Yogi Bear, these are just a few of many. molestie mauris, vitae iaculis dolor felis at nunc. Maecenas eu diam a leo porta interdum. In non massa quis odio feugiat sagittis.

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